Shadows of the Past - A Dutch Heritage

Pictured are my great-grandparents, Sarah Catharine Storms and Joseph Julius Fredericks on their wedding day, March 4, 1882

The Search Begins....

My interest in our family tree started when I was a little girl.  Listening to my Great Aunt Dora's stories about our family and pointing out where they lived piqued my interest in so many ways.  I wanted to learn who my great-grandparents were, what were they like, how they lived and everything and anything else I could find out.

Aunt Dora was born in the middle part of 1900, and she had many stories to tell about the about the "old days in Madison and Ridgewood, NJ.  She knew quite a bit of information regarding the area and about our family roots and delighted in telling her tales to anyone who would listen.  This page is dedicated to her and her love of family.

My Ancestors

Samuel Banta - Revolutionary War Patriot b. 30 May 1741 in Bergen County, NJ. Served in a battle at Fort Lee, NJ, where he was wounded. He died on 21 November 1821 in Franklin Township, Bergen County, NJ

Samuel Banta married Elisabeth Eckerson, daughter of Thomas Eckerson and Maria Demarest, in 1766. They had eight children:

Laneah Banta (no birth date available)
Abraham Banta b. 13 April 1767
Maria Banta b. 23 January 1770
Thomas S. Banta b. 22 August 1772
Annetje Banta b. 12 August 1778
Maughtie Banta b. 9 July 1782
Samuel Banta b. 26 November 1787
Elisabeth Banta b. 12 May 1793

Annetje Banta b. 12 August 1778 married Daniel Blauvelt b. abt 1774 in Paramus, NJ Their marriage produced four children:

Mary Blauvelt b. abt 1795
Abraham Blauvelt b. abt. 1797
Jannetje Blauvelt b. 8 September 1799
Daniel Blauvelt b. 27 February 1803

Jannetje Blauvelt b. 8 September 1799, married
Adam Folley b. 29 May 1792, Franklin Township, Bergen County, NJ

Adam was baptized at the Paramus RDC, on 16 June 1792. Jannetje was baptized on 6 October 1799 at Paramus RDC, as well. They were married at the Saddle River Reformed Church on 4 November 1820.

Their marriage produced eight children:

Mary Ann Folley b. 8 November 1821
William Folley b. 1823
Jane Folley b. 1827
Hannah Folley b. 6 March 1828
Sarah (Sally) Folley b. 1830
David Folley b. 9 November 1836
Eliza Folley b. 1840
William Folley b. 1844

Hannah Folley b. 6 March 1828 d. 16 April 1862
married David Storms of Godwinville, b.22 July 1826. They were married at The Ponds, Franklin Township, Bergen County on 12 September 1853.

They had three children:

Jane Louise Storms b. 1854
Edwin Storms b. 1858
Sarah Catharine Storms b. 24 September 1861.

Sarah Catharine Storms b. 24 September 1861, married Joseph Julius Frederick on 4 March 1882. Their marriage produced nine children:

Horace B. Frederick b. 9 April 1883 m. Mary Osborn 27 August 1905
Bess Mae Frederick b. 8 September 1884 m. Thomas Steven Ackerman on 11 January 1904
Rose Eva Frederick b. 7 February 1888 m. Andrew Dexter
Joseph Frederick b. 11 January 1890 m. Gertrude Haas
William Edgar Frederick b. 2 August 1892 m. Harriet Madeley 1914
Frank Frederick b. 12 August 1894 died young
Mary Elsa Frederick b. 28 March 1897, m William Larkin 1917
Florence Frederick b. 28 September 1898 m. James Turner
Dora Frederick b. 15 June 1900 m. Lester Jacobs and John Shenk.